Private Tutoring

I offer online tutoring for £35/hr.*

I am happy to visit you in your home in St Albans. These meetings cost £40/hr.*

The starting price for my lessons outside of

St Albans is £45/h. An additional charge may be calculated based on the distance.*

I also offer a trial lesson for only half the price.

*The shortest lesson duration I charge for is one hour.


  • You are entitled to a £5 discount if you book over one hour/week. This discount also applies if you book multiple lessons a week as long as the lessons are no shorter than one hour.

  • You can get a block of 10 lessons for the price of 9 or a block of 5 lessons for the price of 4.5.
  • You are entitled to a free lesson if a student whom you introduce to me purchases at least one lesson (trial lesson excluded).

Don't hesitate to get in touch with me.